Winner of the Biological Art & Design Award


Excited to announce that I have won the Biological Art and Design Award this year!  I will be using the €25,000 award to create new work in collaboration with experts in Radiology.  More details from the site below:

Ani Liu (USA): ‘Data Veins & Flesh Voxels: a search for what is Human’
In collaboration with: Academic Medical Center (AMC) Amsterdam, Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, division of Musculoskeletal Radiology (Matthias Cabri, Onno Baur, Mario Maas)

This project works to translate social, physical, and even emotional data into new kinds of artistic representation. It proposes doing so in a legible way that still preserves the complexity and immensity of an identity. In this case, the jury also detected a strong cooperative spirit and mutual respect between the designer and the scientific team. In fact, they were even able to acknowledge an early shift in perspective on the part of the researchers, who, through the process of the application development, have arrived at a slightly more empathy-informed approach to patients. Another factor that impressed the jury was the thoughtful contextualization that Ani Liu offered in the first part of the application presentation, illuminating how the way we understand ourselves through the ages is based on the dominant technologies of the time.

Jury Captain for Core77 Design Concept Awards


I am pleased to announce that I am serving as the Jury Captain in for the Core77 Design Concept Awards this year.   

The design concept category includes all conceptual or proposal designs, whether self-initiated or created for a client or educational institution, which have been fully developed, but not yet brought to market or made available for pre-order. Due to the conceptual nature of the category, effective writing and visuals are critical, and entries should be fully described and illustrated to clarify the intent as much as possible.

I deeply encourage everyone to apply!

Rhapsody in Zero G: Reimagining research for life in space

I had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural Zero Gravity flight of the Space Initiative at MIT Media Lab.  My research was a speculative design object for the emotional strains of future space travel.  You can read the full article here:

"The projects aboard the flight all represent potentially groundbreaking research; they’ll go on to become peer-reviewed research, models for further iterations, and/or design challenges for others to explore. But the meta goal of this flight speaks to something beyond specific projects and results: it speaks to the broader implications of humanity’s efforts in and around space... Ani Liu created Smells for Space, a project playing with how scent might help spacefarers stay connected to places and people on Earth."

Featured in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine


"She blends art with science, technology and politics to explore what it means to be human in an increasingly virtual world. “I bring very disparate ideas together to reveal aspects about how technology frames our reality,” says Liu"


Hacking Manufacturing: research on the factory floor

I spent a month in factories in China on a research grant called Hacking Manufacturing from MIT Media Lab.  You can read about my experience here:

In August 2017, a group of Media Lab students went to Shenzhen, where they spend a month there in two factories. This is a documentary about what they experienced, made and learned.