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Biodesign: From Inspiration to Integration

a half-day symposium that brings together international artists, designers, scientists and educators for talks, discussions and presentations on topics such as valuing non-human forms of life as collaborators, artistic and scientific modes of inquiry, and ethical considerations in bioart and biodesign practices.



Smelfies, and Other Experiments
in Synthetic Biology


Primer Conference

Keynote Speaker


Campus Party Brasilia

Keynote Speaker


Dent the Future

Speculative Science and Technological Dreaming: The Role of Design Fiction


TEDx Estee Lauder

Hosted at the MoMa

Additional talks include: 

University of North Carolina: Dense Emptiness
Syracuse, NY 2018

University of Syracuse: Beta Real Symposium
Syracuse, NY 2018

SANOFI: Creative Technologist Keynote Speaker
Cambridge, MA 2017

Harvard Digital Arts and Humanities presents: ArtTechPsyche
Cambridge, MA 2017

MIT Hacking Arts Conference
BioTech and Art, Co-Curator and Panel Lead 2016

IDEO: Speak the Small Truths
IDEO Food+Futures CoLab Storyteller 2016

Dartmouth College Alumni Lecture
Hanover, NH 2016

Tech Poetics
NuVu School, Boston, MA 2016

MIT Media Lab Embodied Potentials
Boston, MA 2016

Harvard Powerhouse Alliance Conference
Cambridge, MA 2015

Buildings as Cities Inaugural Conference
Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, Boston, MA, 2014

Harvard University Alumni Lecture
Graduate School of Design, Boston, MA 2014

For speaking inquiries, please email



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Embodied Cognition

A+T Design Techniques Journal
"Alone Together" is the cover feature, and I am a contributing author (click through to read.)


See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded

By Madeline Schwartzman. 
Includes the piece "Alone Together."


GSD Platform 7

Edited by Leire Asensio Villoria 
Work featured in publication.

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Interrupted Flesh: Didactic Provocations for Reprogramming Perception

Master of Architecture Thesis 2014
at the Harvard Graduate School of Design

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Brain-Controlled Interface for the Motile Control of Spermatozoa:  A Biopolitical Feminist Work

Master of Science Thesis 2017
at MIT Media Lab 

Press & Writing about my work:

This is a selection of longer profiles and interviews on my work.  A more comprehensive list can be found in the News tab.


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Art+Tech: Reprogramming Perception



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Interview on Mind in the Machine


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Interview on Human Perfumes


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Inventing Smells for Space: A chemistry, design, and R&D collaboration with IFF


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ANI LIU, navigating the divergent connections between art and science


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Mirror Mirror Exhibition Catalogue

Essays by Anonda Bell and Jacqueline Mabey

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A Kiss from the Future and Other Biodesign That Will Blow Your Mind


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This Woman Just Figured Out How to Control Sperm with Her Brain

on VICE/ Broadly.
Written by Tiffany Hu

Artist used tech to control sperm with her mind

On Fox News.
Written by Evan Dashevsky


This Artist Used Tech to Control Sperm with Her Mind

Video Interview on PC Magazine
Interviewed by Evan Dashevsky


Woman of STEAM Grabs Back: Ani Liu Flips the Script

Article in ArtFCity
Written by Anthony Farley


This Designer Creates Flowers that Smell of Man

Article in WIRED Germany
Written by Anna Schughart

Meet the Labbers: Ani Liu

Profile of my work at MIT Media Lab.
Written by Margaret Evans


Perception Extension: The Art of Ani Liu

Profile in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine
Written by Kaitlin Bell Barnett


'Smelfies', the odorous self-portraits that capture the human fragrance in a flower

Interview in El Dario.
Written by Jose Manuel Blanco

Scientists Made Music from the Human Microbiome, and It's Seriously Cool

On Gizmodo for a collaborative project.
Written by Kristin Brown

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The Art of Climate Change

Interview in Medium on IDEO Stories
Written by Misa Misono

Exploring Artful Technology

Interviewed for Grounded Visionaries
at Harvard GSD