Winner of Washington Award in the Arts

Tremendously grateful to be awarded the Washington Award in the Arts by S&R Foundation.

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Since its inception in 2001, the Washington Award has recognized talented artists in the fields of, music, dance and visual arts especially those who contribute to international cultural collaboration. 

This year we are excited to announce the amount of the Washington Award will be increased to a cash prize of $10,000. In addition, the Awards Committee may designate a Grand Prize winner who will receive an additional $5,000.  Award winners are honored annually in the spring at the Washington Awards Ceremony.  

The 2019 winners include Grand Prize-winning composer Reena Esmail and Washington Award winners Lauren Edson (choreography), Brittany Lasch (trombone), Ani Liu (interdisciplinary arts) and Victoria Manganiello (installation and multi-media arts). Each of these forward-thinking artists is pushing the boundaries of their artistic and performance practices.

Teaching at the Harvard Graduate School of Design

Happy to share that I will be teaching a class titled “Entanglement of Movement and Meaning: The Architect, Spatial Perception and the Technological Body” with Krzysztof Wodiczko this year, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. Our class will continue the legacy of Oskar Schlemmer’s explorations of technology and the body, integrating performance, wearables, and spatial perception to new forms of art questioning how we consider being human in the current technological landscape.

Exhibiting in Craft: The Reset

Pleased to be part of a show at the Shenzhen Design Society Museum on Craft. From the curators:

Craft: The Reset  is a large scale exhibition about the reawakening of crafts in contemporary design and society. Following Design Society’s the inaugural exhibition Minding the Digitalon the impact of digital innovationabout human society’s at Design Society’s Main Gallery, it investigates the widening possibilities of crafts as an equally important creative impulse for China’s future innovation.

Crafts are fashionable. A surge of interest is seeing a growing amount of people learning, consuming, sharing and supporting crafts. Many mainstream products are adapting a craft look or story, catering to new aesthetic sensibilities, new consumer classes and global trends.

Approaching crafts from four distinct angles, Craft: The Reset evaluates how creative practices are reinvigorating crafts from within, using this medium as an interface to engage with larger themes in contemporary society. It explores how designers create new lifestyles with crafts. In this context, we ask how designers are relating to the past through traditional crafts, how they are engaging with materials, how crafts are being innovated or are a channel for driving new innovation, and how crafts represent a new idealism and responsibility. Each section shows how designers are thinking through crafts, showing a new spirit expressing new attitudes towards quality, detail, time, culture, skill, value and connection.!exhibition-craft?type=artwork&id=840hb

Winner of the Biological Art & Design Award


Excited to announce that I have won the Biological Art and Design Award this year!  I will be using the €25,000 award to create new work in collaboration with experts in Radiology.  More details from the site below:

Ani Liu (USA): ‘Data Veins & Flesh Voxels: a search for what is Human’
In collaboration with: Academic Medical Center (AMC) Amsterdam, Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, division of Musculoskeletal Radiology (Matthias Cabri, Onno Baur, Mario Maas)

This project works to translate social, physical, and even emotional data into new kinds of artistic representation. It proposes doing so in a legible way that still preserves the complexity and immensity of an identity. In this case, the jury also detected a strong cooperative spirit and mutual respect between the designer and the scientific team. In fact, they were even able to acknowledge an early shift in perspective on the part of the researchers, who, through the process of the application development, have arrived at a slightly more empathy-informed approach to patients. Another factor that impressed the jury was the thoughtful contextualization that Ani Liu offered in the first part of the application presentation, illuminating how the way we understand ourselves through the ages is based on the dominant technologies of the time.

Keynote Speaker at PRIMER Conference on Speculative Futures


PRIMER was created to prepare you for the future, and to equip you to help shape it. 

In 2018, we are inviting an even wider range of speakers from the design, strategy & futurist communities. We are still loyal to the core of our offering which is Speculative Design; so you can be sure to hear some amazing talks from Speculative & Critical Designers from around the world, as well as student work from top design schools in the US.