Exhibiting in Craft: The Reset

Pleased to be part of a show at the Shenzhen Design Society Museum on Craft. From the curators:

Craft: The Reset  is a large scale exhibition about the reawakening of crafts in contemporary design and society. Following Design Society’s the inaugural exhibition Minding the Digitalon the impact of digital innovationabout human society’s at Design Society’s Main Gallery, it investigates the widening possibilities of crafts as an equally important creative impulse for China’s future innovation.

Crafts are fashionable. A surge of interest is seeing a growing amount of people learning, consuming, sharing and supporting crafts. Many mainstream products are adapting a craft look or story, catering to new aesthetic sensibilities, new consumer classes and global trends.

Approaching crafts from four distinct angles, Craft: The Reset evaluates how creative practices are reinvigorating crafts from within, using this medium as an interface to engage with larger themes in contemporary society. It explores how designers create new lifestyles with crafts. In this context, we ask how designers are relating to the past through traditional crafts, how they are engaging with materials, how crafts are being innovated or are a channel for driving new innovation, and how crafts represent a new idealism and responsibility. Each section shows how designers are thinking through crafts, showing a new spirit expressing new attitudes towards quality, detail, time, culture, skill, value and connection.