I enjoy speaking about my work, innovation, and the intersection of art and science at conferences, universities, and all kinds of events. If you’d like to request a speaking engagement, please get in touch.



Harvard Digital Arts and Humanities presents: ArtTechPsyche
April 2017
Cambridge, MA

Columbia University, Synthetic Biological Systems Laboratory
April 2017
New York, NY


Past Presentations (Partial List)

Dent the Future
March 2017
Sun Valley, ID

TEDx, Beacon Street
November 2016
Cambridge, MA

Hacking Arts Conference
BioTech and Art
Co-Curator and Panel Lead 2016

Speak the Small Truths
IDEO Food+Futures CoLab
Storyteller, 2016

TEDx, Estée Lauder
Museum of Modern Art
NYC, 2016

Space Initiative
MIT Media Lab
Boston, MA 2017

Alumni Lecture
Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH, 2016

Tech Poetics
NuVu School
Boston, MA 2016

Embodied Potentials
MIT Media Lab
Boston, MA 2016

Powerhouse Alliance Conference
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 2015

Buildings as Cities Inaugural Conference
Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities
Boston, MA, 2014

Alumni Lecture
Harvard University

Graduate School of Design, Boston, MA 2014



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