holding back is another kind of need: human perfumes


"Smell is preverbal, and has no capacity to pretend."

Caroline A. Jones


“The nostrils awakes a forgotten image and fall into a vivid dream. The nose makes the eyes to remember. ”              

Juhani Pllasmaa, The Eyes of the Skin


I am currently creating perfumes that capture the smell of individuals who have emotional significance to me.  An exploration in the use of science for emotional ends, I have successfully bottled the scent profiles of three people.  In the obsessively hygienic and reason driven laboratory where I distill these smells, I often reflect on the constant negotiation between the animal with the cultured human within ourselves.

This projecting is currently conducted in tandem with research in neuroscience correlating olfactory stimuli with behavioral responses.  

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Untitled (human perfumes)
Perfume made and extracted from a human, acrylic, human hair, glass, aluminum
13" x 17" x 4"