Mind Controlled Spermatozoa

The reproductive organs of the female body has long been a site of contention, where opposing ideologies in religion, politics, cultural differences often play out.  Through an art project of female empowerment, I seek to challenge this status quo by engineering a system by which I (a woman) can control something inherently and symbolical male: spermatozoa (sperm).

The Botany of Desire: Experiments in Interspecies Interfaces

In the Anthropocene, what are the human limits of interspecies empathy?  Can we design new interfaces for cross modal communication? (currently in progress)

Kisses from the Future: Speculative Intimacy Strategies inspired by the Micro-biome

How much of our identity is predestined by our DNA, and how much of our behavior is influenced by the the constellation of microorganisms that reside in, on, and around us?  What is genetic exchange without intimacy?  What invisible forces co-make me?   These are some of the questions I am asking through the speculative design of a biological love note of the future.

Alone Together: Human Touch in a Digital Age

Ever been at a party where everyone was looking at their phone? As a response, Eyeris is a cultural prosthetic that renders the user dependent on human touch for sight.

Perfumes for Proust

Distilling the traces of those we love and lose, a set of human perfumes for sensory time travel.

R e f l e s h : Testing the Somatic Marker Hypothesis through Emotive Skins

Designing artificial skins that display physiological affect markers to test internal cognitive calibration as it relates to decision making.

The Empathy Machine

Towards a Networked Sensorium: Can we make the differences between the self and the other less distinct?  What happens when we are tethered within the same sensory feedback loop?  Can multiples individuals converge into a single organism?

Forget Me Not

In the art of perfumery, we have long extracted the scents of flowers to apply to ourselves- what if we did the contrary and engineered a plant to emit the odor profile of a person instead?   Could we design new rituals for mourning, new biologies for remembering?

Biota Beats

What if you could make music from your microbiota?  How can we culturalize science?

Embedded Aesthetics

Does form always follow electronic function?   These circuits entangle symbolic language with logic gates, exploring the semiotics of electronic design.

Transformable Design

How can we understand transformation itself as a design parameter that can be shaped, crafted and optimized?

Microbial We: Bacterial Self Portraits

Exploring lines between self and other, disgust and pleasure (current work in progress)

How to Make Almost Anything

A documented foray into designing and fabricating smart systems, including CAD/CAM/CAE; NC machining, 3-D printing, injection molding, laser cutting; PCB layout and fabrication; sensors and actuators; analog instrumentation; embedded digital processing; wired and wireless communications.

Embodied Entanglement

What remains after the flesh?

If You Play With Fire

A meditation on the lifelong exercise of letting go

Ephemeral Permanence:

An exploration in liberated mark making

The Density of Light

Immersive installation exploring the spatial thresholds between the body and the environment